Tummy Tucks for Men and Women in Sarasota, FL, at Sovereign Plastic Surgery

Tummy Tucks Sarasota FL

Tummy tucks are customized surgical procedures designed to enhance the look of the abdominal region by smoothing and firming its contours. Dr. Alissa M. Shulman, a board-certified plastic surgeon who practices at Sovereign Plastic Surgery, performs this and other types of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures for men and women in Sarasota, Florida.

Also known as abdominoplasty, tummy tucks may be appropriate for individuals who would like to improve the appearance of a loose, sagging, or protruding abdomen. However, Dr. Shulman cautions her patients against rushing into surgery. Prior to recommending any type of cosmetic procedure, she typically advises her patients to try to achieve their goals with a nonsurgical approach, such as consuming a nutritious diet, performing targeted exercises, and maintaining a healthy body weight. Sometimes, however, even the most dedicated efforts in this regard have little to no effect on the midsection, particularly if its appearance has changed due to heredity, pregnancy, prior surgery, or aging. In these situations, liposuction or tummy tucks may help.

Liposuction procedures differ from tummy tucks in that lipo cannot address loose skin or lax muscles. Therefore, abdominoplasty may be a better option for a patient who would like to address both excess fat and loose skin. Dr. Shulman works closely with her patients to help ensure that they can make well-informed treatment decisions.

To achieve the best possible outcome, both liposuction and tummy tucks should be fully individualized. For instance, in order to meet the specific needs of a patient, Dr. Shulman can perform abdominoplasty surgery to:

  • Remove various amounts of excess fat
  • Tighten varying degrees of lax skin
  • Restore separated muscles, if necessary

Regardless of the type of surgery performed, however, a patient must be committed to maintaining the final outcome by maintaining healthy lifestyle habits.

If you’d like to learn more about tummy tucks, liposuction, and other types of cosmetic plastic surgery, call Sovereign Plastic Surgery to schedule a time to meet with Dr. Shulman at her office in Sarasota, FL.