An Arm Lift Performed in Sarasota, FL, Can Tone and Tighten Your Upper Arms

Arm Lift Sarasota FL

If you’re interested in arm lift surgery (brachioplasty), you can consult with Dr. Alissa M. Shulman, a board-certified plastic surgeon who founded her solo practice, Sovereign Plastic Surgery, in Sarasota, Florida, in 2009. Since that time, Dr. Shulman has been performing brachioplasty and other plastic surgery procedures to help individuals from this area achieve their aesthetic goals.

An arm lift (brachioplasty) is a type of cosmetic surgery that can lift and shape your upper arm area. Sometimes, the inner arms begin to droop and sag over time due to fluctuations in body weight or an age-related loss of skin elasticity. This loose, hanging skin is often unresponsive to even the most highly targeted exercises, such as triceps extensions and pushups. If you’re frustrated with this relatively common body issue, an arm lift may be a good solution for you. Alternatively, if you have good skin elasticity, Dr. Shulman man recommend liposuction instead of – or in addition to – brachioplasty.

During a personal consultation at Sovereign Plastic Surgery in Sarasota, FL, Dr. Shulman can help you determine if an arm lift is right for you. She’ll take some time to get to know you, review your medical history and aesthetic goals, explain the procedure in detail, and address any questions you may have. In general, you may be a good candidate for an arm lift if you:

  • Would like to address lax skin in your upper arms (sometimes informally referred to as “batwings”)
  • Have maintained a stable and healthy body weight for more than 12 months
  • Have good overall health with no medical conditions that could potentially complicate a surgical procedure
  • Are a non-smoker who is committed to a healthy lifestyle
  • Fully understand the procedure and have realistic expectations with regard to its outcome

If you and Dr. Shulman decide that an arm lift is a good option for you, here’s is a basic overview of what your procedure might be like. To create the appearance of a firmer upper arm, Dr. Shulman will create an incision along your inner arm (the length can vary depending on your specific needs). Using specialized surgical tools, she will then remove excess skin and use internal sutures to reshape the underlying supportive tissue. Finally, she’ll close the incision to join the trimmed skin together.

Following your arm lift procedure, you can expect some swelling and bruising around your incision site. Keep in mind that, because everyone heals at a different rate, you may not notice an improvement right away. Once achieved, however, your final result can last if you commit to maintaining a stable body weight.

To learn more and find out if you could benefit from an arm lift procedure, please contact Sovereign Plastic Surgery in Sarasota, Florida to schedule an appointment with Dr. Alissa M. Shulman.