Fat Transfer to Enhance Breast Fullness – An Implant-Free Option for Women in Sarasota, FL

Fat Transfer to Breast Sarasota FL

A fat transfer can be used to increase a woman’s breast size without the need for implants. Instead, this type of breast augmentation procedure uses fatty tissue that is harvested from another part of a woman’s body. This option, which offers an added benefit of liposuction treatment in a “problem” area, may be appropriate for a woman who is looking for a modest breast size enhancement with a natural-looking result.

As with any type of cosmetic plastic surgery, a surgeon’s expertise can directly affect a patient’s outcome, so it is essential to work with a highly experienced surgeon. Dr. Alissa M. Shulman is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Sarasota, FL, who has specialized in fat grafting, breast reconstruction, and other types of plastic surgery since 2009. She is widely respected by both her patients and peers for her highly refined fat transfer skills, outstanding medical credentials, artistic talent, and friendly demeanor.

While this type of cosmetic plastic surgery offers many benefits to the right candidates, it is not appropriate for every woman. If you’d like to find out if a breast fat transfer is suitable for you, you can meet with Dr. Shulman at Sovereign Plastic Surgery, her solo practice located next to Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Sarasota, Florida. Dr. Shulman will listen carefully as you discuss your goals and concerns and, if she determines that cosmetic plastic surgery is right for you, recommend a personalized treatment plan.

In general, Dr. Shulman will not recommend a breast fat transfer to you if you:

  • Are looking for a significant increase in breast size (breast enlargement with implants may be a better choice for you)
  • Do not have sufficient body fat for a successful transfer (weight gain is not recommended before a fat transfer because any weight fluctuations afterward can alter the final outcome)
  • Do not want to undergo liposuction
  • Need a breast lift in addition to breast augmentation (augmentation alone cannot address excessive breast sagging)
  • Are planning to have children within the next year (the weight fluctuations that occur during and after a future pregnancy could impact the final result of a fat transfer)

If you and Dr. Shulman determine that you are a good a candidate for breast fat transfer and you decide to proceed, she will fully explain the recommended procedure. In general, she will perform liposuction to harvest adipose tissue from an area of your body that has an accumulation of excess fat, such as your buttocks or thighs. After cleansing and processing the fat cells, she will meticulously inject them into your existing breast tissue, carefully layering it to maximize its viability.

If you have questions about breast fat transfer, you can contact Sovereign Plastic Surgery to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shulman at her office in Sarasota, FL.