Enhance Your Physique With a Fat Transfer Procedure in Sarasota, FL

Fat Transfer Procedure Sarasota FL

The goal of a fat transfer procedure is to add volume and fullness to a specific area of the body. To accomplish this, a surgeon performs liposuction to take fatty tissue from a region of a patient’s body that has excess fat, processes the harvested fat, and then injects the purified fat cells into another area of the patient’s body. In Sarasota, FL, Dr. Alissa M. Shulman is a board-certified plastic surgeon who performs this and other cosmetic plastic surgery procedures to help her patients address their aesthetic concerns.

Fat grafting is not a new surgical technique. In fact, Dr. Shulman has many years of experience in performing breast reconstruction surgery using fat transfer techniques for patients who have undergone mastectomy procedures. She is continually evaluating ways to expand the role of fat grafting in cosmetic plastic surgery; for instance, she may perform a fat transfer procedure to enhance a patient’s breasts or buttocks. As a lifelong sculptor, she has developed a keen eye and artistic touch, both of which influence her work as a surgeon in Sarasota, Florida.

For certain patients, a fat transfer procedure can offer several key advantages over the surgical placement of implants. These include:

  • No risk of rejection, because the body’s own tissue is utilized in place of synthetic implants
  • A shorter recovery period and minimal scarring, since smaller incisions are used
  • The simultaneous removal of some excess fatty tissue from a “problem” area, such as the abdomen, hips, or thighs
  • A more natural appearance and texture

When performing fat transfers, Dr. Shulman uses the advanced REVOLVE™ System from LifeCell. This single-use, sterile device is specifically designed to harvest, filter, and transfer a patient’s own fatty tissue. By allowing a surgeon to maintain a high level of control over critical variables in fat grating, the REVOLVE™ System can produce a predictable and pleasing result.

If you’d like to discuss a fat transfer procedure with Dr. Shulman, call Sovereign Plastic Surgery to schedule a personal appointment at our office in Sarasota, FL.