Breast Reconstructive Surgery in Sarasota, FL — Dr. Alissa M. Shulman Can Help You Decide What’s Right for You

Breast Reconstructive Surgery Sarasota FL

Reconstructive breast surgery is an option selected by some women after undergoing a mastectomy or lumpectomy procedure that was performed to treat or help prevent breast cancer. Dr. Alissa M. Shulman is a board-certified plastic surgeon and experienced breast surgeon who works with many women during and after their breast cancer treatment in Sarasota, FL. First and foremost, Dr. Shulman emphasizes that breast reconstruction cannot have more importance than the cancer treatment itself (lumpectomy or mastectomy, +/- chemotherapy or radiation). She will work closely with your other cancer specialists to determine the safest plan for you.

As explained by Dr. Shulman, the objective of reconstructive breast surgery is to:

  • Restore a natural look and feel to a breast
  • Improve the symmetry of the breasts
  • Create a more proportionate appearance

Not all women share these goals, which are based totally on personal preference. Likewise, not every woman chooses to have reconstructive surgery immediately following a breast cancer procedure — or ever. There are no time constraints associated with breast reconstruction, and a woman should never feel pressured into making this highly personal decision, which involves both physical and emotional considerations that are likely to change over time as the healing process continues. Ultimately, Dr. Shulman encourages each of her patients to choose what is best for her. Dr. Shulman lives close to her office in Sarasota, Florida, and she is always available to her patients by phone to answer questions or simply talk, should any unexpected concerns arise.


With that said, every woman who undergoes breast cancer surgery should be aware that, in 1998, the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act was signed into law. This Act requires insurance companies to cover the surgical costs associated with reconstructing the affected breast, as well as any surgery performed to the other breast to achieve better balance and symmetry. This legislation helps to empower women to make the right choices for their needs.


If you’d like to learn more about reconstructive breast surgery, contact Sovereign Plastic Surgery to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shulman at her office in Sarasota, FL.